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The mind is the central control system of one's individual body that controls all whole individual body parts. Task with this enormous responsibility, it is but necessary to feed the mind appropriately to carry out its function effectively. The moment the mind is not fed effectively could cause it to deteriorate and cause what is commonly known as mind dead situation. Kata Kata Mutiara dan Kata Kata Bijak Cinta

The most important ingredient of a weight loss program plan program that is aimed at providing the mind effectively should contain adequate provide of proteins. Protein contains aminoacids which create neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters act as the messenger of the minds from one another. These minds in turn transmit various signals to the different parts of one's individual body to carry out their tasks. Excellent sources of proteins are animal meals which include eggs and dairy products such as milk, cheese. Some vegetables such as legumes, for example, whole grains, nuts and seeds also contain important protein wealthy proteins substances. They must be part of an individual’s consuming habits to feed the mind effectively.

Eating high proteins meals should be done hand in hand with a lot of carbs producing meals. Carbohydrate intake also affects better mind performance. Carbohydrate meals act as stimulants which carry out the release of insulin. Insulin production is necessary for the better performance of the mind. Too much of this substance causes the mind to overly sedated and reduces mental performance.

However, consuming too much carbs wealthy meals might lead to over provide of glucose which is not too suitable for one's individual body. To avoid this, one must take whole grains which contain glucose together with proteins wealthy meals. This stabilizes the effect of too much glucose from the meals one eats. An excellent example of this is consuming egg with a piece of toasted bread or a pink salmon with sweet potato. The number balances the effect of the glucose yielding carbohydrates while at the same time, providing the mind with the right number and carbohydrates.

Along with proteins and carbohydrates yielding meals, one’s diet plan program in order to feed the mind effectively must also contain the right kind of individual extra fat. The mind is composed of sixty percent individual extra fat. Logically it would need adequate provide of individual extra fat to continue working effectively. Although, humans are particularly fond of consuming fats, this however does not ensure better mind providing because not all individual extra fat taken in by the whole individual body are perfect individual extra fat.

The mind needs good kinds of individual extra fat in order to function effectively. These are Ω 6 individual extra fat and Ω 3 individual extra fat. Sunflower, sesame and corn oil contain Ω 6 individual extra fat and they should therefore be used when cooking and preparing healthy meals. Pumpkins, flaxseed, walnuts and some varieties of fish such as salmon and tuna, contains great deal of Ω 3 individual extra fat. This meals when taken in moderation should yield adequate quantity of these two individual extra fat which are important to better mind performance.

The Diet Plan

With these theoretical facts laid down, what is then the best diet plan program which would ensure better performance of the brain? How one could ensure that he is consuming correctly and providing the mind effectively.

For breakfast, a good mixture would be cereal, yogurt and sliced pineapple. Cereal contains important carbohydrates, yogurt contains the needed proteins and sliced pineapple has good materials. Another great mixture would be scrambled eggs, toast and orange juice, or a low fat cheese melted on toast with a piece of fruit. These example mixture are well balanced and contains all the nutritional value that is needed by the mind to jumpstart its job during the early part of the day.

During lunch break, much of what you eat and the nutritional value that they contain are all probably depleted by now. So the mind needs to be reinforced with a great new provide of nutritional value. Consider taking meals which contain almost the same number, carbohydrates and important individual extra fat. An excellent mixture of grilled or broiled fish with some fiber wealthy vegetables is an excellent lunch and could provide the mind with adequate number, individual extra fat and materials.
At dinner time, avoid overstuffing one’s self since most of these nutritional value will no longer be put into use by the mind. Vegetable salads loaded with materials or proteins wealthy boiled fish are perfect enough to produce important aminoacids that are needed by the mind.

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